Très gentil cuer

Très gentil cuer
Höfische Musik des späten Mittelalters
Fortuna Canta
Ars Produktion ARS 38 489 [CD]


    Francesco Landini (ca 1335-1397)
  1. Ochi dolenti mie

  2. Solage (ca 1380), Codex Chantilly
  3. Très gentil cuer

  4. Francesco Landini (ca 1335-1397)
  5. Sì dolce non sonò

  6. Jacopo da Bologna (ca 1340-1360), Codex Faenza
  7. Soto l'Imperio del posente prinçe (diminutions)

  8. Anon., Codex Chantilly
  9. Toute clerté
  10. Ha Fortune

  11. Anon., Codex Faenza
  12. Biance flour

  13. Don Paolo da Firenze (ca 1355-1436)
  14. Sofrir m' estuet

  15. Guillaume de Machaut (ca 1300-1377)
  16. Honte, paour, doubtance

  17. Francesco Landini (ca 1335-1397)
  18. Questa fanciulla

Fortuna Canta
Åsa Junesjö (soprano), Katrin Krauß (recorder), Holger Faust-Peters (fiddle), Ute Faust (fiddle, recorder, lute)

Playing time: 52' 02"

Recording site and date:
Hamburg [01/2003];
Rel.: 2009

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 33/5-473 (May/June 2010)

Information from Todd McComb's CD.

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