Hildegard - Ferko

Hildegard - Ferko
The Hildegard Organ Cycle
Frank Ferko
Arsis CD 101


    Frank Ferko
  1. The Origin of Life
  2. The Construction of the World
  3. Human Nature
  4. Articulation of the Body
  5. Places of Purification
  6. The Meaning of History
  7. Preparation for Christ
  8. The Effect of Love
  9. Completion of the Cosmos
  10. The End of time

Playing time: 69' 20"

Frank Ferko (organ)

Recording of Frank Ferko on a similar theme
Arsis CD 102
Ferko: The Hildegard Motets - Six Marian Motets
American Repertory Singers - Leo Nestor dir

Recording site and date:
[1995 or prior]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.):

Information from owned CD. Ferko's music is based on the visions of Hildegard, performed by the composer. There is no Hildegard's work.

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