Cornet: Pieces d'Orgue

Cornet: Pieces d'Orgue
Ton Koopman
Astrée 7775


  1. Fantasia (8th mode)
  2. Salve Regina
  3. Fantasia (2nd mode)
  4. Toccada (3rd mode)
  5. Fantasia del primo tono
  6. Courante
  7. Fantasia
  8. Tantum ergo

Playing time: 51'

Recording date: September 1981

Instrument: Organ Jullien de la Collégiale St-Jean Baptiste, Roquemaure (c.1600)

Pieter Cornet (1562-c.1626) was a Belgian organist and composer about whom rather little is known. He was apparently one of the leading organists of the time, and had interactions with both John Bull and Peter Philips during their tenures in Belgium. His style is largely English, with some French and Italian influences.

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