Allegri: Miserere

Allegri: Miserere, Missa Vidi turbam magnum, Motets
Ensemble A Sei voci - Bernard Fabre-Garrus
Astrée E 8524


  1. Miserere (à 9); Baroque ornamentation
  2. Missa Vidi turbam magnam (à 6)
  3. Motet: De ore prudentis
  4. Motet: Repleti sunt omnes
  5. Motet: Cantate domino
  6. Miserere (à 9); "original" ornamentation

Recording date: November 1993

[3]-[4] Astrée (Auvidis) E 8552 [CD] La musique au temps des Castrats - Music from the age of Castratos

This recording includes two performances of the famous Miserere, one using an ornamentation style of Allegri's era, and one using the more easily documented 18th century Baroque style. The latter is a viable choice because this piece continued to be sung in the Sistine Chapel for some time after Allegri's death.

The motets are in 3 & 4 parts and include a basso continuo.

Another recording on this label featuring the Miserere:

Allegri / Byrd / Schein
William Byrd Ensemble
Astrée 8846

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