Falconieri: Fantasies, Danses, Villanelle, Arie
Ensemble Fitzwilliam
Astrée 8551


  1. Battaglia de Baraboso yerno de Satanas (cornet, 2 violins, harpsichord, violone, theorbo)
  2. Folias echa para mi Señora Doña (2 recorders, harpsichord, bass violin, violone, harp, theorbo)
  3. Fantasia echo para el muy reverendo Padre Falla (2 recorders, organ, bass violin, violone, theorbo)
  4. Vita del l'alma (2 voices, organ, bass violin)
  5. Passacalle (cornet, 2 violins, organ, violone, harp, theorbo)
  6. Corriente dicha la cuella (cornet, harpsichord, bass violin, violone, harp, theorbo)
  7. Bella clori (tenor, violin, harp, guitar)
  8. Virtu de lumi (tenor, harpsichord, guitar)
  9. Sinfonia la buon'hora (2 recorders, harpsichord, bass violin, harp)
  10. Come fugace (2 voices, harp)
  11. Corrente detta l'avellina (organ)
  12. O mia vita (2 voices, 2 violins, harpsichord, guitar, harp)
  13. Hoggi la dea del cielo (2 voices, organ, theorbo)
  14. Gioiosa fantasia (recorder, cornet, organ, bass violin)
  15. La suave melodia y su corrente (violin, violone, guitar, harp)
  16. Corriente dicha la mota (harpsichord)
  17. Bayle de los dichos diabolos (2 recorders, harpsichord, theorbo, violone)
  18. Il Rosso Brando (bass violin, violone)
  19. Filli cara (2 voices, harpsichord, bass violin, guitar, harp)
  20. Armilla ingrata (tenor, harpsichord, theorbo, harp)
  21. Sinfonia quarta (2 recorders, organ, violone, theorbo, harp)
  22. La Borga (recorder, organ, theorbo, bass violin)
  23. Al dolce mormorar (2 voices, bass violin, violone)
  24. Fantasia detta la Portia (recorder, cornet, organ, bass violin, violone, theorbo)
  25. L'eroïca (cornet, 2 violins, harpsichord, theorbo, harp)

Performers: Josep Benet (tenor), Josep Cabré (tenor), Jean-Pierre Nicolas (recorder), Pierre Boragno (recorder), Jean Tubery (cornet), Enrico Parizzi (violin), Bruno Cocset (bass violin), Richard Myron (violone), Françoise Johannel (harp), Hugh Sandilands (guitar, theorbo), Michèle Dévérité (harpsichord, organ)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: November 1994

Andrea Falconieri (1585-1656) was born in Naples, and worked extensively through both Italy and Europe as a whole. In his lifetime he was best-known for the light canzonette for voice & guitar, as well as for instrumental dances. He also composed well in all genres of the time, but his style is generally old-fashioned owing to the relative isolation of Naples.

His instrumental collection of 1650, the only such collection printed in southern Italy during the era, is particularly old-fashioned in its compositional devices. Dedicated recordings:

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