Du Caurroy: Requiem des Rois de France

Du Caurroy: Requiem des Rois de France
Doulce Mémoire - Denis Raisin Dadre
Astrée 8660


  1. Goudimel: Psaume CXXX "Du fond de ma pensée"
  2. Fantasie No. 37 à 5 "La Sol Fa Ré Mi"
  3. Goudimel: Psaume CXX "Alors qu'affliction me presse"
  4. Philidor: Pavane pour le Roy

  5. Missa pro Defunctis
  6. Subvenite Sancti Dei
  7. Introitum "Requiem æternam"
  8. Kyrie
  9. Graduale "Si ambulem"
  10. Oraison funèbre "Princes très illustres"
  11. Fantasie No. 34 à l'imitation de l'Hymne Pange Lingua
  12. Antiphona ad offertorium "Domine Jesu Christe"
  13. Sanctus
  14. Anamesis "Pie Jesu Domine"
  15. Agnus Dei
  16. Antiphona ad communionem "Lux aeternam"
  17. Responsorium ad absolutionem "Libera me"
  18. In Paradisum
  19. Credo quod redemptor
  20. Le Roy est mort, vive le Roy! et Fanfare

Performers: Philippe Vallepin (recitant), Nicole Rouillé (consultation on rhetoric), Anne Quentin (superius), Marc Pontus (superius), Bruno Boterf (countertenor), Lucien Kandel (tenor), François Frauché (quintus; baritone), Marc Busnel (bass), Elsa Frank (shawm, dulcian, recorder), Jean Paul Boury (cornet, recorder), Denis Raisin-Dadre (oboe, dulcian, recorder), Frank Poitrineau (sackbut), Jérémie Papasergio (dulcian, recorder), Bruno Caillat (drum), Freddy Eilchelberger (organ)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: September 1998 (Chapelle du Lycée Saint-Pierre d'Abbeville)

Du Caurroy's Requiem is one of the most imposing monuments of the late French Renaissance, yet remarkly poorly known today. As a student of Le Jeune, and composer to three Kings of France, Du Caurroy was clearly the leading composer of his generation, only to be brused aside for the balletic & Italianate style shortly into the 17th century. The present composition, the only one of his four masses to survive, nonetheless persisted in the Royal Funeral ceremonies.

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Du Caurroy also wrote forty-two instrumental fantasies, published posthumously in 1610. This is the largest collection of serious contrapuntal instrumental music in France during the period, and is unequalled in its imagination. The present disc includes two of these fantasies. A classic dedicated recording:

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