Weiss: Lute music

Weiss: Pièces de luth
Hopkinson Smith
Astrée 8718

Under Construction

A second volume:

Weiss: Partitas for lute
Hopkinson Smith
Astrée 8620

A major series:

Weiss: Lute Works, Vol. 1 & 2
Lutz Kirchhof
Sony Vivarte 48391 (2 CDs)
Weiss: Lute Works, Vol. 3
Lutz Kirchhof
Sony Vivarte 57964

Other recordings:

Weiss: Ouvertures & Suites
Konrad Junghänel
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77217
Weiss: Works for lute / Falckenhagen
Paul Beier
Stradivarius 33448
Weiss: Sonatas for lute
Uasunori Imamura
Capriccio 10745
Weiss: Sonatas for Lute
Naxos 8.550470
Weiss: Sonatas for 2 lutes
Roberto Barto / Karl-Ernst Schroeder
Symphonia 98159
Weiss: The Dresden Manuscripts, Volume 1
John Schneiderman
Centaur 2526

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