Gibbons Anthems

Gibbons: Tudor Church Music
The Choir of King's College Cambridge - Philip Ledger
AS&V Gaudeamus 123


  1. Almight and Everlasting God
  2. Magnificat - Short Service
  3. Voluntary (organ)
  4. Nunc Dimittis - Short Service
  5. Fantasia for double organ
  6. Magnificat - Second Service
  7. Now Shall the Praises of the Lord be Sung
  8. Nunc Dimittis - Second Service
  9. This is the Record of John
  10. O Lord of Hosts
  11. O Thou, the Central Orb
  12. A Song of Joy unto the Lord We Sing
  13. See, See, the Word is Incarnate
  14. Come, Kiss me with those Lips of Thine
  15. Lift up your heads
  16. Fantasia (organ)
  17. Hosanna to the Son of David

Performers: Mark Cumberland, John Graham-Maw, Paul Smy (trebles), Michael Chance, Ian Jones (altos), Charles Daniels, Paul Rivers (tenors), Gerald Finley, Simon Crookall (basses), John Butt (organ), Choir of King's College Cambridge, London Early Music Group

Playing time: 53'

Recording date: 1982; release date: 1990

This performance is based on fairly static "blocks" without a lot of sustained momentum. The sound can be very effective.

The double organ fantasia is a superlative performance.

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Todd M. McComb