A Handefull of Pleasant Delites

A Handefull of Pleasant Delites
Elizabethan Ballads & Dances
Circa 1500 Ensemble - Nancy Hadden
AS&V Gaudeamus 163


  1. In a garden so grene (soprano, guitar, lute, flute)
  2. Dowland arr. Jacob van Eyck: The Frog Galliard (flute)
  3. All in a garden grene (lyra viol)
  4. Sir John Pavlett: A Toye (lyra viol)
  5. Grein greus ye rasses - A Daunce (lute)
  6. What mightie motion (soprano, lute)
  7. Passymeasures (improvisation; viol, guitar, lute, flute)
    The Lady Greensleeves (soprano, viol, guitar, lute, flute)
  8. Fortune my foe (lyra viol)
  9. Lyke as the lark (soprano, 3 viols)
  10. Jacob van Eyck: Crimson velvet (flute)
  11. Richard Alison: Our Father which in heaven art (soprano, 3 viols)
  12. Turkeyloney - Lyke as the dumb solsequiem (soprano, viol, guitar, lute, flute)
  13. Kypascie (harpsichord)
  14. I smile to see how you devise (soprano, viol, harpsichord, flute)
  15. Jacob van Eyck: Merry cuckolds (flute)
  16. Tom O'Bedlam (viol, harpsichord)
  17. Edward Collarde: A Ground (lute)
  18. Richard Alison: Our Father which in heaven art (soprano, viol, lute, cittern, flute)
  19. Jacob van Eyck: Our Father which in heaven art (flute)
  20. Tallis: Jam lucis orto sidere (harpsichord)
  21. Taladh chriosta (gaelic; soprano)
  22. Lancashire pipes (lyra viol)
  23. Susato: Quarter braules (fiddle, guitar, cittern, viol, harpsichord, flute)
  24. Maid will you marrie? (2 voices, fiddle, cittern, flute)

Performers: Mhairi Lawson (soprano), Erin Headley (viol, lyra viol, fiddle), Steven Player (guitar, lute, voice), Jacob Heringman (lute, cittern, viol), Vanessa Coode (viol), Lucy Carolan (harpsichord), Nancy Hadden (flutes)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: January & February 1996 (Gloucestershire)

This program highlights many of the surviving popularly-oriented tunes & ballads from Elizabethan England.

Unattributed works above are anonymous.

This ensemble's earlier recording on this music:

New Fashions - Cries & Ballads of London
Circa 1500 Ensemble
CRD 3487

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