Medieval Sephardic Heritage

Far Away Lands
The Medieval Sephardic Heritage
Ensemble Florata - Tim Rayborn
AS&V Gaudeamus 165


  1. Siete hijos tiene hanna (voice, recorder, 'ud)
  2. "Ay de mí!" dize el buen Padre (voice, psaltery, percussion)
  3. Puncha, puncha (voice, recorder, percussion)
  4. Por la tu puerta yo passi (voice, 'ud)
  5. Oh, que relumbror de novia hermoza (voice, recorder, percussion)
  6. Durme, durme (voice, recorder)
  7. Estampie "Por qué llorax blanca niña" (fiddle, recorder, percussion)
  8. Delgadina ('ud)
  9. La madre d'esta novia (voice, recorder, percussion)
  10. Entre las huertas paseando (harp)
  11. Porqué no cantáis la bella? (voice, 'ud)
  12. La malcasada del pastor (psaltery)
  13. Dos amantes (voice, percussion)
  14. Esta montaña d'enfrente (voice, recorder, psaltery)
  15. Yo m'enamori (voice)
  16. El marido disfrazado (voice, symphony, recorder, psaltery, percussion)

Performers: Alison Sabedoria (voice, symphony, percussion, fiddle), Suzanne Hirschman (recorders), Tim Rayborn ('ud, psaltery, percussion, harp, voice)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: October 1996 (Yorkshire England)

This is a program of sephardic music performed in a medieval idiom, and incorporating instrumental improvisations.

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Todd M. McComb