Obrecht: Missa Malheur me bat

Obrecht: Missa Malheur me bat
The Clerks' Group - Edward Wickham
AS&V Gaudeamus 171


  1. Obrecht: Laudes Christo

  2. Obrecht: Missa Malheur me bat
  3. Kyrie
  4. Gloria
  5. Credo
  6. Sanctus
  7. Benedictus
  8. Agnus Dei
  9. Martini: Magnificat tertii toni
  10. Martini: Ave maris stella
  11. Martini: O beate Sebastiane
  12. Martini: Salve Regina

Performers: Carys Lane (soprano), Rebecca Outram (soprano), Lucy Ballard (alto), William Missin (alto), Stephen Harrold (tenor), Matthew Vine (tenor), Edward Wickham (bass), Jonathan Arnold (bass)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: February 1997 (West Wratting)

Obrecht's Missa Malheur me bat (c.1490) is one of his most rigorously planned cycles, based on the chanson of the same name (once attributed to Ockeghem, but now more often given to Maelcourt or even Martini), but not yet as routine as the pervasive imitation style which was to follow. The opening motet (c.1505) falls into the latter category.

Johannes Martini (c.1440-1497/8) was a Franco-Flemish composer who spent his career in Ferrara. The present motet settings utilize a range of stylistic devices from the late 15th century.

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Clerks' Group - Edward Wickham
AS&V "Gaudeamus" 341

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