Songs of the Monk of Montaudon

The Cloister and the Sparrow Hawk
Songs of the Monk of Montaudon
Tim Rayborn / Shira Kammen
AS&V Gaudeamus 175


  1. Estampie "Cor irat" (vielle, percussion)
  2. Be m'enueia, so auzes dire? (voice, vielle)
  3. Two motets on "Era pot" (rebec, harp)
  4. Era pot ma domna saber (voice, harp)
  5. Dansa "Era pot" (vielle, 'ud)
  6. Lengua d'argen (vielle)
  7. Quan tuit aquist clam foron fat (2 voices, vielle, bell)
  8. Dansa "Folhs motz" (vielle, percussion)
  9. Amicx Robert, fe que dey vos (voice)
  10. Belha messios (harp)
  11. Pos Peire d'Alvernh'a cantat (voice, vielle, percussion)

Performers: Tim Rayborn (voice, harp, 'ud, percussion), Shira Kammen (vielle, rebec, harp), Alison Sabedoria (voice, bell)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: August 1997 (IC Studios)

The "Monk of Montaudon" (fl.c.1170) was apparently the younger son of a nobleman, as he took up the traditional role of clergy. He became the Prior of Montaudon, but retained a connection to the courtly secular circles, and was a troubadour of some renown. His texts are somewhat unusual for the time, but do show the usual forms.

As is also typical of troubadour songs, only two survive with music intact (tracks #2 & #4) and one (track #2) is identical to the melody of Rassa, tan derts by Bertran de Born. For the other tracks, the present performers have used other melodies surviving from the era, and fit to the Monk's lyrics.

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Todd M. McComb