Fayrfax: Missa Regali ex progenie

Fayrfax: Missa Regali ex progenie / Lauda vivi Alpha et O / Magnificat Regali
The Cardinall's Musick - Andrew Carwood / David Skinner
AS&V Gaudeamus 185


  1. Lauda vivi Alpha et O
  2. Antiphona Regali ex progenie

  3. Missa Regali ex progenie
  4. Gloria
  5. Credo
  6. Sanctus/Benedictus
  7. Agnus Dei
  8. That was my woo
  9. Alas, for lak of her presens
  10. Magnificat Regali

Performers: Carys Lane, Rebecca Outram, Olive Simpson (Sopranos); Robin Blaze, Patrick Craig, Mark Chambers, David Gould, Michael Lees (Altos); Steven Harrold, James Gilchrist, Julian Stocker, Matthew Vine (Tenors); Matthew Brook, Robert Evans, Damian O'Keeffe, Charles Pott, Andrew Rupp (Baritones); Jonathan Arnold, Robert Macdonald, Michael McCarthy (Basses)

Playing time: 77'44

Recording date: January 1996 (Magnificat and secular songs), May 1997 (Mass and Lauda vivi Alpha et O)

The final volume of the Cardinall's Musick Fayrfax series presents the early Mass and Magnificat Regali, along with secular songs and the richly-texted Lauda vivi Alpha et O, which contains a prayer for Henry VIII.

This is Volume 5 of the Cardinall's Musick's series of Fayrfax's complete works. The Fayrfax and Ludford series along with the Cornysh disc by the Cardinall's Musick contain nearly the complete contents of the Caius Choirbook.

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Ted Dumitrescu