Ockeghem: Missa Cuiusvis toni - Missa Quinti toni

Ockeghem: Missa Cuiusvis toni - Missa Quinti toni
& Celeste benificium
The Clerk's Group - Edward Wickham, dir.
AS&V "Gaudeamus" CD GAU 189 [CD]


    Johannes Ockeghem: Missa « Cuiusvis toni »
  1. Kyrie on fa-ut (mixolydian)
  2. Kyrie on mi (phrygian)
  3. Gloria on mi (phrygian)
  4. Credo on mi (phrygian)
  5. Sanctus and Benedictus on mi (phrygian)
  6. Agnus Dei on mi (phrygian)
  7. Agnus Dei on fa-ut (mixolydian)

  8. Johannes Ockeghem
  9. Celeste beneficium

  10. Johannes Ockeghem: Missa « Quinti toni »
  11. Kyrie
  12. Gloria
  13. Credo
  14. Sanctus and Benedictus
  15. Agnus Dei

Playing time: 64' 12"

The Clerk's Group
Carys Lane (soprano), Rebecca Outram (soprano), Robin Blaze (alto), William Missin (alto), Stephen Harrold (tenor), James Gilchrist (tenor), Matthew Vine (tenor), Jonathan Arnold (bass), Robert Macdonald (bass)
Edward Wickham, dir.

Recording site and date:
St. Andrew's Church, West Wratting, UK [02/1998];
Rel.: 1999

Gaudeamus CD GAU 550 [CD] The Ockeghem Collection

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Information from CD.
This interpretation adopts the somewhat unusual approach of performing Ockeghem's "any mode" mass in a couple of different modes on some tracks. The Phrygian mode is often given as the likely "true" mode of the mass, suggesting that the title actually asks a question rather than designating a true catholicon (or alternately that Ockeghem's conception in Phrygian shows through despite a desire to blunt it). However, Peter Urquhart and others do argue for the performability of the full mass in other modes. Track #8 is a doubtful attribution.

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