Josquin: Missa Fortuna Desperata

Josquin: Missa Fortuna Desperata and songs
Motets by Isaac, Senfl, Greiter
The Clerks' Group - Edward Wickham
AS&V Gaudeamus 220


  1. Fortuna desperata

  2. Josquin Des Prez: Missa Fortuna desperata
  3. Kyrie
  4. Gloria
  5. Credo
  6. Sanctus
  7. Agnus Dei
  8. La plus des plus
  9. Bergerette Savoysienne
  10. Adieu mes amours
  11. Consideres mes incessantes / Fortuna
  12. Heinrich Isaac: Bruder Conrat / Fortuna
  13. Ludwig Senfl: Herr durch dein Bluet / Pange lingua / Fortuna
  14. Anon: Fortuna zibaldone
  15. Matthaeus Greiter: Passibus ambiguis / Fortuna

Performers: Rebecca Outram (soprano); Lucy Ballard, William Missin (altos); Chris Watson, Matthew Vine (tenors); Edward Wickham, Robert Macdonald (basses)

Playing time: 69'10

Recording date: May 2000

[5], [8]-[9?] Gaudeamus CD GAU 361 [CD] The Essential Josquin des Prez - Sublime Renaissance Choral Music

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 25/2- (Nov/Dec 2001)

An interesting program focusing on representations of the goddess Fortuna in music (unfortunately lacking the Fortuna dun gran tempo attributed to Josquin). This appears to be the first recording of Greiter's famous modulating song.

Track #1 sets the three verses of the chanson to three versions of the music: ? Busnois' original, an added contratenor by Josquin, and an added anonymous contratenor.

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