Gesualdo: Madrigals and Motets from Renaissance Naples

Gesualdo: Madrigals and Motets from Renaissance Naples
Gesualdo Consort - Gerald Place
AS&V "Quicksilva" 6210


  1. Dolcissima mia vita (5 voices)
  2. Nenna: S'io taccio (4 voices)
  3. Nenna: Signora io penso (3 voices)
  4. All'ombra degl'allori (5 voices)
  5. Nenna: Io tacerò (5 voices)
  6. Luzzaschi: O dolcezza (3 voices, organ)
  7. Donna se m'ancidete (6 voices)
  8. Deh, se gia fu crudele (5 voices)
  9. Dolcissimo sospiro (5 voices)
  10. Nola: Chi chilichi (3 voices)
  11. Nenna: Mercè grido piangendo (5 voices)
  12. Non mai, non cangerò (5 voices)
  13. Plange quasi virgo (6 voices)
  14. Exaudi deus (5 voices)
  15. Stella: O vos omnes (5 voices)
  16. Gagliarda (organ)
  17. Nenna: O magnum mysterium (4 voices)
  18. Nenna: Tristis est anima mea (4 voices)
  19. Sepulto domino (6 voices)
  20. In te Domine speravi (6 voices, organ)
  21. O vos omnes (5 voices)

Performers: Gillian Fisher (soprano), Helen Parker (soprano), Paula Bott (soprano), Alison Place (mezzo-soprano), Penny Vickers (alto), Simon Gay (countertenor), Gerald Place (tenor), Gerald O'Beirne (tenor), Simon Birchall (bass), Graham Titus (bass), Richard Lyne (organ)

Playing time: 56'

Recording dates: March 1982 (London); tracks #5,10,13,19: October 1995 (London)

The program centers on Gesualdo, composer of all unattributed tracks above, and moves from secular to sacred pieces. Other composers represented are Pomponio Nenna (c.1550-1613), Luzzaschi, Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola (c.1515-1592), and Scipione Stella (c.1558-1622).

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