Humorous Toby. Viol Music of Captain Hume

Humorous Toby
Viol Music of Captain Hume
Kaori Ishikawa & Anthonello
Anthonello Mode AMOE 10012 [CD, Japan]


    Tobias Hume
  1. Captaine Humes Pavin
  2. Tabacco
  3. A Souldiers Resolution
  4. Loves Pastime
  5. The Pashion of Musicke
  6. Good Againe
  7. A Souldiers Galliard
  8. An Almaine
  9. A Jigge 90
  10. The Souldiers Songs
  11. Harke,Harke
  12. Jigge for Ladies
  13. Death
  14. A Jigge 87
  15. A souldiers March
  16. The Spirit of Gambo
  17. A Pavin

Kaori Ishikawa (viola da gamba)
Marie Nishiyama (baroque harp), Yoshimichi Hamada (cornett), Yasuto Kasuga (baritone), Mitsuhiro Wada (percussion)

Playing time: 60' 22"

Recording site and date:
Koidego Cultural Hall, Uonuma, Niigata, Japan [03-04/2009];
Rel.: 2009

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