Simpson: The Four Seasons

Simpson: The 4 Seasons
Les Voix Humaines
Atma 2 2182


  1. Fantasia
  2. Ayre
  3. Galliard

  4. Summer
  5. Fantasia
  6. Ayre
  7. Galliard

  8. Autumne
  9. Fantasia
  10. Ayre
  11. Galliard

  12. Winter
  13. Fantasia
  14. Ayre
  15. Galliard

Performers: Susie Napper (bass viol), Margaret Little (bass viol), Jay Bernfeld (treble viol), Mike Fentross (theorbo), Réjean Poirier (organ)

Playing time: 59'

Recording date: October & November 1998

In keeping with the status of his Division Viol treatise, the present cycle illustrates Simpson's most complex division writing (for an unusual ensemble of two basses and treble).

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Todd M. McComb