Dowland in Dublin

Dowland in Dublin
Michael Slattery / La Nef
Atma Classique 22650


  1. Sleep Wayward Thoughts
  2. Now O Now I Needs Must Part
  3. Behold a Wonder Here
  4. Fine Knacks for Ladies
  5. Say, Love if Ever Thou Didst Find
  6. Away With These Self-Loving Lads
  7. Come again, Sweet Love
  8. Come Heavy Sleep
  9. Lacrimae Pavan
  10. Time Stands Still
  11. Me, Me and None but Me
  12. Kemp's Jig
    Mistress Winter's Jump
    My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
  13. Clear or Cloudy
  14. O Sweet Woods
  15. A Galliard
  16. A Shepherd in a Shade
  17. His Golden Locks

Performers: Michael Slattery (tenor, shruti box, direction); Sylvain Bergeron (lute, guitar, direction), Seán Dagher (cittern, direction), Patrick Graham (percussion), Andrew Horton (double bass), Grégoire Jeay (flutes), Alex Kehler (violin), Amanda Keesmaat (cello), Betsy MacMillan (viol)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: September 2010 (Québec); released: 2012

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Todd M. McComb