Ars elaboratio

Ars elaboratio
Une collaboration músicale avec les musiciens du passé
Ensemble Scholastica - Rebecca Bain
Atma Classique 2 2755 [CD]


  1. Celsa secreta in columbe specie (antiphon, 12th c.)
  2. Adducentur regi virgines (alleluia, 10th c. with elaboration & motet)
  3. Sancti baptiste (sequence, 10th c. with elaboration)
  4. Dilexisti iustitiam (introit, 10th c. with tropes)
  5. Velox impulit / Hic leta canit / Vestiunt silve / Mulierum (original motet à 4)
  6. Cantantibus organis (responsory, 10th c. with tropes & instrumental elaboration)
  7. Quinque prudentes virgines (communio & antiphon, 10th c. with tropes)
  8. Ad sit Johannis baptiste (versus, 12th c. with elaboration)
  9. Dum aurora finem daret (antiphon, 12th c.)
  10. Benedicamus Domino, Tu lux refulge
  11. Claris vocibus (instrumental elaboration)
  12. Claris vocibus (sequence, 11th c. with elaboration)
  13. Benedicamus Domino, Laudamus Dominum

Performers: Rebecca Bain (voice, fiddle), Anne Sophie da Silva (voice), Elizabeth Ekholm (voice), Jody Freeman (voice), Cynthia Gates (voice), Catherine Herrmann (voice, organetto), Carole LeDez (voice), Micheline Racicot (voice, psaltery), Angèle Trudeau (voice, symphonia)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: March 2016 (Montreal); released: 2017

This program involves improvisations on older material, both from the period & today by these performers.

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Todd M. McComb