Johannes Kugelmann

Kugelmann: Concentus Novi
Clemencic Consort - René Clemencic
Arte Nova 34056


  1. Missa Trium I
  2. Ach Vater unser, der Du bist
  3. Missa Trium II
  4. Da pacem, Domine
  5. Ein Danksagung, wenn man zu morgens augsteht
  6. Missa Trium III
  7. Fröhlich will ich singen
  8. Missa Trium IV
  9. Introitus - Versus
  10. Kyrie
  11. Gloria
  12. Sanctus
  13. Agnus Dei
  14. Missa Trium V
  15. Dies est laetitiae
  16. Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr

Performers: Bernhard Landauer (countertenor), René Clemencic (recorder), Sibyl Kubelka (recorder), Michael Posch (recorder)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: December 1995 (live in Vienna)

Johannes Kugelmann (1495-1542) was apparently a student of Paul Hofhaimer, and later concertmaster for the Duke of Prussia in Brandenburg. This collection is one of the earliest Protestant sacred music publications, appearing in Augsburg in 1540.

The choice of three recorders with voice is perhaps unusual for sacred music of the period, but works fairly well. There is no doubt about the relative quality of this collection, previously obscure.

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