Tabulatur des Clemens Hör

Tabulatur des Clemens Hör
René Clemencic
Arte Nova 39105


  1. Anon 1529: Je ne scay Trium vocum
  2. Senfl: Allein din huld
  3. Anon: Anfang ist lieben
  4. Senfl: Pacientiam muss ich han
  5. Hofhaimer: Nach willen dein
  6. Sixt Dietrich (c.1493-1548): Ein meydtlin an eim ladin lag
  7. Matthias Greiter (1495-1550): Verschütt' hab ich das habermuß
  8. Greiter: Herbey herbey was leffel sey
  9. Hofhaimer: A du min trost
  10. Josquin: Duo
  11. Senfl: Mag ich unglück nit widerston
  12. Huldrych Zwingli (1484-1531): Herr nun heb den wagen
  13. Adam von Fulda (c.1445-1505): Ach Jupiter
  14. Hofhaimer: Mein ainigs A
  15. Hofhaimer: Min hertzigs A
  16. Anon: Tens mes amys
  17. Anon: Scaramella
  18. Anon: Lay qui moy fay
  19. Anon: Schwartz Knab

Instrument: Clavichord, Peter Kukelka (Karnabrunn, Austria) after anonymous Neapolitan-German model mid-16th century, preserved in Leipzig; Pythagorean tuning

Playing time: 51'

Recording date: December 1995 (Vienna)

All pieces are intabulations of works by the original composers given above by the Swiss Humanist Clemens Hör (c.1515-1572).

Clemencic's performance here brings this to life, and is essential for anyone specializing in 16th century keyboard, despite the obscurity of the source.

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Todd M. McComb