Johannes von Lublin: Tabulatura

Johannes von Lublin: Tabulatura 1540
René Clemencic
Arte Nova 39116



  1. Senfl: Homo quidam fecit cenam
  2. Isaac: Nisi tu domine custodieris nos ad duos bassus
  3. Brumel: Sicut lilium inter spinas terminatur
  4. Josquin: Stabat Mater I
  5. Josquin: Stabat Mater II
  6. Josquin: Tribulacio
  7. Anon: Deus qui sedes super tronum
  8. Senfl: Vita in ligno moritur
  9. Anon: Absolon
  10. Anon: Christe Regi omnes Jubilemus
  11. Anon: Sancta Maria
  12. Anon: (untitled)
  13. "N. C.": Nunc rogemus
  14. Deutsche Lieder

  15. Martin Wolff (late 15th c.): Ach un fals ducis prussie
  16. Georg Brack (late 15th c.): Ach Rey und Klag
  17. Thomas Stoltzer (c.1480/5-1526): Es müht viel Leut
  18. Italienische Lieder

  19. Verdelot: Madonna bella
  20. Festa: Se amor
  21. Französische Lieder

  22. Sandrin: Dulce memoire
  23. Josquin: Plus mille reges

Instrument: Clavicytherium, Philippe Humeau, 1974 (Saint Michel de Provence) after anonymous South German model c.1480, preserved in Contrarini & Correr collection Venice; Pythagorean tuning

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: December 1995 (Vienna)

Johannes von Lublin was a Polish organist and theorist of the first half of the 16th century. The present collection is dated by its preface, although several of the intabulations are probably earlier in origin, and some later. Composers given above are those of the original pieces on which the keyboard transcriptions are based.

The source is another obscure one, but the argument for its relevancy is emphatic by way of performance, based on the oldest surviving clavicytherium (and oldest surviving plucked keyboard instrument).

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