Machaut: La Messe de Nostre Dame

Machaut: La Messe de Nostre Dame
Clemencic Consort / Ensemble Nova / Polifonica Lucchese e Capella Santa Cecilia - René Clemencic
Arte Nova 85289
Arte Nova 271 982


    Minstrels and beggars play at the entrance of the church

  1. Machaut: Quant je suis mis (instrumental)
  2. Li Roi de Navarre: Chancon d'amour (accompanied recitation)
  3. Machaut: Dame a qui m'ottri (instrumental)
  4. Anon., Burgundy: C'est Guignolot de St. Lazo (voice, hurdy-gurdy)
  5. Machaut: Dou mal (instrumental)
  6. Entry into the church

  7. Anon., Faenza: Kyrie (organ)
  8. Anon., Freiburger Augustinerbrevier: Ave maris stella (soloist, choir)
  9. Anon: Ave gloriosa (glockenspiel)
  10. La Messe de Nostre Dame

  11. Kyrie Eleison
  12. Gloria in Excelsis
  13. Li Roi de Navarre: Du tres douz non a la virge Marie (recitation)
  14. Anon: Ave virgo regia (instrumental)
  15. Credo in unum Deum
  16. Anon: Ave Regina (glockenspiel)
  17. Anon: Verbum bonum et suave (soloist, choir)
  18. Machaut: Dame, vostre doulz viaire (voice, accompaniment)
  19. Anon: Adesto (organ)
  20. Sanctus
  21. Anon., Faenza: Sangilio (organ)
  22. Agnus Dei
  23. Anon: Agniaus dous (instrumental)
    Anon: Ave maris (instrumental)
  24. Anon., Limoges: Ave nobilis (glockenspiel)
  25. Anon: Astra polorum (soloist, choir)
  26. Ite missa est

Performers: Colin Mason (bass, conductor of Ensemble Nova), Egisto Matteucci (conductor of Polifonica Lucchese e Capella Santa Cecilia), James Curry (tenor), Bernd Lambauer (tenor), Gerd Kunda (bass), René Zosso (voice, hurdy-gurdy), René Clemencic (organ, glockenspiel), Marco Ambrosini (nickelharpa), András Kecskés (kobos, moorish guitar, lute), Frantisek Pok (buisine, bagpipe, tromba marina, cornett), Khosro Soltani (shawm), Esmail Vasseghi (hammered dulcimer, percussion), Wolfgang Reithofer (percussion)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: May 1999 (Lucca, live)

[1]-[2], [5], [9], [12], [21], [22], [24] RCA "Red Seals" 82876 60986 2 [CDx4] Trésors - Moyen-Âge

This recording features a wide array of sonorities, the objective being to illustrate the variety of medieval life as it impinged upon the central place of social gathering, the church. The mass sections themselves are performed by an unaccompanied ensemble of vocal soloists, with organ incipits.

According to Florian Chevallot, "the piece Ave virgo regia is actually a rundellus called Ecce mundi gaudium."

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