Medieval songs for Mary Magdalen

Medieval songs for Mary Magdalen
Joglaresa with Belinda Sykes
Avie Records AV0026


    Anon., 14th c., Italy
  1. Lauda: Magdalena degna da laudare

  2. St. Lorenzo Giustiniani
  3. O Madalena che portasti

  4. Christian of Lilianfeld
  5. Ave, clari generis dulcis Magdalena

  6. Anon., Trouvere
  7. Chanter voel par grant amour

  8. Wipo of Burgundy
  9. Victime paschali laudes

  10. Anon., medieval latin
  11. Ortorum virentium / Virga Yesse / Victime paschali laudes
  12. Benedicamus Domino / Victime paschali laudes
  13. Novum festum celebremus

  14. Anon., 14th c., Italy
  15. Istampita: Parlamento
  16. Co la madre del beato

  17. Anon., medieval latin
  18. Hodie mater gaudeat ecclesia
  19. Salve, pia Magdalena
  20. O Maria Magdalena
  21. Benedicamus Domino Magdalena
  22. Magdalenam laude plenam
  23. Ave, beata femina
  24. Psallat immensas chorus
  25. Ave, plena Magdalena
  26. O Maria, prius via

  27. Anon., 14th c., Italy
  28. Lauda: Peccatrice nominata (instr.)

  29. Conon de Béthune
  30. Estampie: Chanson legiere

  31. Anon., 14th c., Italy
  32. Lauda: Peccatrice nominata
  33. Lauda: O Madalena ch'andasti al sepolcro

  34. Philippe de Grève
  35. O Maria, noli flere

Playing time: 69' 06"

Joglaresa [Jenny Cassidy (voice), Caitríona O'Leary (voice), Dessislava Stefanova (voice), Belinda Sykes (voice), Ben Davis (medieval fiddle), Riccardo Delfino (medieval harps, hurdy-gurdy, voice)]

Recording site and date:
St. Andrews Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire, UK [april 2003]
rel.: 2003

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 27/3-242 (January/February 2004)
Goldberg (#/p.): 32-82 (2005)

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