Monteverdi: Arie, Lamenti & Madrigali

Claudio Monteverdi
Arie e Lamenti – Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi
Montserrat Figueras, Ton Koopman, Andrew Lawrence-King – Rolf Lislevand, Jordi Savall et al.
Alia Vox AVSA 9884 A+B [SACD-H]


  1. Astrée (Auvidis) E 8710 [CD] Claudio Monteverdi: Arie e lamenti per voce sola
  2. Astrée (Auvidis) E 8546 [CD] Claudio Monteverdi: Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi - Libro Ottavo

Release date: 2011

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 35/4-398 (March/April 2012)

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Pierre-F. Roberge