Andalucia in the "Cantigas de Santa Maria"

Andalucia in the "Cantigas de Santa Maria" of King Alfonso X "el Sabio"
Poder á Santa María
Sinfonye - Stevie Wishart, dir.
Almaviva DSI 0105
Almaviva DS 0110


    Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  1. Cantiga 257: Ben guarda Santa Maria pola sa vertude
    Cantiga 42: A Virgen mui groriosa
  2. Cantiga 185: Poder á Santa Maria grande d' os seus acorrer
  3. Cantiga 279: Santa Maria, valed', ai Sennor
    Cantiga 250: Por nos, Virgen Madre
    Cantiga 120: Quantos me creveren loarón
  4. Cantiga 344: Os que a Santa Maria saben fazer reverenía
    Cantiga 345: Sempr' a Virgen groriosa faz aos seus entender
  5. Cantiga 345: Sempr' a Virgen groriosa faz aos seus entender (instr.)
  6. Cantiga 169: A que por nos salvar
  7. Cantiga 321: O que mui tarde ou nunca se pode por meezya
  8. Cantiga 323: Ontre toda-las vertudes que aa Virgen son dadas

Sinfonye [Equidad Barés (voice), Vivien Ellis (voice), Stevie Wishart (medieval fiddles, sinfonye, voice), Paula Chateauneuf (oud, voice), Jim Denley (percussion)] - Stevie Wishart, dir.

Playing time: 67' 32"

Recording site and date:
Cartuja de Santa Maria de Cazalla de la Sierra, Sevilla, Spain [10/93]; released: 1994

Information from owned CD. Many Cantigas are "first-recording". Jorge Salazar writes regarding the two catalog numbers:
DSI 0105 is the English language release & DS 0110 is the Spanish language release; the musical content is identical, both released in 1994, but the tracks are grouped differently. The latter includes extensive notes in Spanish for each of the selections.

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