Quatour Machaut

Quatour Machaut
Quatour Machaut - Quentin Biardeau
Ayler Records 147


  1. Biardeau / Machaut: Kyrie
  2. Biardeau: Solus
  3. Biardeau / Machaut: Gloria
  4. Machaut (arr. Biardeau, et al.): Sanctus
  5. Biardeau: Christe
  6. Biardeau: Credo
  7. Biardeau: Ite Missa Est

Performers: Quentin Biardeau (tenor saxophone), Simon Couratier (baritone saxophone), Francis Lecointe (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone), Gabriel Lemaire (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: May 2015 (Abbaye de Noirlac); released: 2015

This program is based on material from Machaut's mass, which is more or less recognizable in the different tracks. The attributions given above are from the CD listing.

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Todd M. McComb