A renaissance delight

A renaissance delight - Un délice de la renaissance
Huggett Family
Daffodil DAF 10053 [LP]
Sigma 77101 [LP]
Ayre WRC1-774


    Gilles Binchois
  1. Dit le bourguignon
  2. Les très doulx yeux

  3. Jacob Obrecht
  4. Meskin es hu

  5. Jacques Vide
  6. Vit encore

  7. Alfonso Ferrabosco
  8. Pavan for lute

  9. John Dowland
  10. Songs or ayres, 1st book: Come again sweet love doth now invite
  11. Pavan lachrimae antiquae (selection)
  12. Giles hobies galliard

  13. Michael Praetorius (from Terpsichore)
  14. Spagnoletta
  15. La bourée

  16. Anthony Holborne: Pavans, galliards, almains and other aeirs
  17. Pavan
  18. Galliard
  19. The honey suckle
  20. The night watch
  21. Galliard
  22. Heigh-ho holiday

  23. Anon., Elizabeth Rogers, her virginal book
  24. Corrant (for virginal)
  25. Almaygne

  26. Thomas Morley
  27. It was a lover and his lass

  28. Pierre Phalèse
  29. Bransle

  30. Pierre Attaignant
  31. Basse danse

  32. Tielman Susato
  33. Ronde

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Huggett Family
Leslie Huggett, Margaret Huggett, Andrew Huggett, Jennifer Huggett, Ian Huggett, Fiona Huggett

Recording site and date:
Unknown, Canada [1975 or prior];
Rel.: 1975 (Daffodil), 1977 (Sigma), 1979 (Ayre)

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