A Medieval Christmas

A Medieval Christmas
The Folger Consort - Robert Eisenstein, Christopher Kendall
Bard 1-9106 [CD]


    Aquitaine vers and Las Huelgas Manuscript
  1. Natus est rex
  2. Noster cetus psallat letus
  3. Angelorum lauda digna
  4. In sapiencia
  5. Benedicamus Domino
  6. Ave caro
  7. Psallat chorus

  8. 13th-Century England
  9. In excelsis numine
  10. Angelus ad virginem / Gabriel, fram heven-kinge
  11. Ductia
  12. Ductia

  13. Trecento Italy
  14. Benedicamus Domino
  15. Cristo e nato
  16. Benedicamus Domino (Paolo da Firenze)
  17. Ave, Dei genitrix
  18. Kyrie
  19. Gloria - Egardus
  20. Salutiam divotamente

  21. 15th-Century English Carols
  22. Nowell; Dieu vous garde
  23. Ah, my dear son
  24. Ave rex angelorum
  25. There is no rose
  26. Lullay, lullow
  27. Nowell, Nowell: Tidings true
  28. Nowell sing we

Playing time: 65' 54"

Robert Eisenstein (rebec, vielle, recorders), Christopher Kendall (lute, harp, mandora), Scott Reiss (recorders, psaltery, percussion), Johana Arnold (soprano), Tina Chancey (rebec, vielle, kamenc, recorder)
Robert Eisenstein, Christopher Kendall - artistic directors

Recording site and date:
Abbey Chapel, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts [1991];
Rel. 1991

Bard 837101 4415 3 7 [CD], A Medieval Christmas (includes 4 bonus tracks recorded in 1985)

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