Die Gregorianischen Gesänge

Die Gregorianischen Gesänge
Anthologie des Gregorianischen Chorals
Capella Antiqua München - Konrad Ruhland
MPS 0088.010-4 [LPx4]
MPS 420285-1 [LPx4]
BASF MPS 7821 985-2 [LPx4]
BASF MPS LA 21 985-2 [LPx4]
Philips Classics 426 838-2 [CDx4]


These 4 LPs were initialy released as a boxed set (MPS), but later as individual release by Harmonia mundi France

LP-1: Gregorianik: Weihnachtsfestkreis

LP-2: Gregorianik: Osterfestkreis

LP-3: Gregorianik: Per annum / Pfingstfestkreis

LP-4: Gregorianik: Marienfestkreis

Recording site and date:
Pfarrhof Reuth, Aicha vorm Wald, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany (1972/1973), rel. 1974 (BASF), 1990 (426 838-2)

Information from IUCAT, MELVYL, Bielefelder Katalog, Amazon.de and owned CD (HMC 90 5113); also from OPAC des Deutsches Musikarchiv Berlin (426 838-2) and Stefan in Germany.

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Pierre-F. Roberge