Music of David Cain

Music by David Cain
The Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow, dir.
BBC records ZBBC 1925 [CDx5]
BBC records ZBBC 4009 [2 double cassettes (Gift Box)]
BBC records ZBBC 1038 [Two double cassettes]

Content: the exact content is unknown but includes:

    David Cain (m) / J.R.R. Tolkien (t): The Hobbit
  1. Excerpts

  2. James Morier (t) / David Cain (m): Hajji Baba
  3. Excerpts

  4. Christopher Marlowe / David Cain (m): The Jew of Malta
  5. Excerpts

  6. William Shakespeare (t) / David Cain (m): Much ado about nothing
  7. Excerpts

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Early Music Consort of London [David Munrow (recorders, crumhorns, alto shawm, tenor shawm, chinese shawms, soprano gemshorn, bass racket, bass sordun, tenor dulcian, transverse flute, notch flute, rauschpfeiffe), Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord, harp, organ), Oliver Brookes (bass viol, violone, bass crumhorn), James Tyler (lute, cittern, treble viol, tenor viols), Michael Laird (cornetto, piccolo trumpet, D trumpet), Roger Brenner (alto sackbut, tenor sackbut), Barry Quinn (percussion), Eric Allen (percussion), Dennis Clift (trumpet), Dennis Nisbett (teble vol), James Bowman (counter-tenor), Martyn Hill (tenor)] - David Munrow, dir.

Recording site and date:
BBC Radiophonic Studio, London, England [1971 or prior]

[1]-[4] BBC records REC 91S [LP] David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London play music by David Cain
[1] BBC records ISBN 0-563-38999-0 [CDx5] J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit - Music by David Cain.

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Comments: LP originally identified by Jane Pattle and content later kindly provided by Steven McCann. The information about the CD/Cassette re-edition provided by David Cain. A complete abstract will appear later.

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