English 17th Century

Exquisite Consorts
Lawes / Purcell
The Harp Consort - Andrew Lawrence-King
Berlin Classics 00 1155 2


    Music, the food of love
  1. Lawes: Symphony (harpsichord, bass viol, lyra viol, violin)
  2. Purcell: If music be the food of love (soprano, harp, bass viol, guitar)
  3. MacDermott/Lawes: Pavan (harp, theorbo, violin, bass viol)
  4. Anon: To be or not to be (tenor, harp, lute)
  5. Anon: The merry cuckold (harpsichord)

  6. The King's Private Music
  7. Anon: The French King's masque (cittern, bandora, lute, recorder, violin, bass viol)
  8. Anon: The battle of Harlaw (harp)

  9. Lawes: Fantasy Suite (organ, bass viol, violin)
  10. Fantasy
  11. Almain
  12. Galliard

  13. The Masque of Love
  14. Lawes: Masque (harp)
  15. Anon: Cupid's dance (organ, recorder)
  16. Anon: The scolding wife (harpsichord)
  17. Anon: The pleasant widow (organ)
  18. Anon: The mock widow (harpsichord)
  19. Lawes: Antic (2 theorbos, 2 guitar, 2 bass viols)

  20. The Night Piece
  21. Lawes: In envy of the night (soprano, cittern, orpharion, bandora, theorbo, harp)
  22. Coprario/Lawes: Pavan (harp, theorbo, violin, bass viol)

  23. The Mad Scene
  24. Anon: Old Tom O'Bedlam (lute)
  25. Anon: Mad Tom of Bedlam (harp)
  26. Purcell: Bess of Bedlam (soprano, organ, harpsichord, theorbo)
  27. Lawes: Hence ye profane (4 voices, lute, bandora, harp, 2 bass viols, violin)

  28. The Country Dancers
  29. Anon: The night peece (recorder, 2 bass viols)
    Anon: The Spanish jeepsies (cittern, 2 guitars, theorbo, 2 bass viols, recorder, violin)

Performers: Ellen Hargis (soprano), Douglas Nasrawi (tenor), Rodrigo del Pozo (tenor), Harry van der Kamp (bass), David Douglass (violin), Nancy Hadden (recorder), Hille Perl (viol), Jane Achtman (viol), Paul O'Dette (lute, theorbo, cittern orpharion), Lee Santana (lute, cittern), Pat O'Brien (bandora, guitar), Steve Player (guitar, castanets), Thomas Ihlenfeldt (lute, guitar, theorbo), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp, organ, harpsichord, percussion)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: March 1995

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Todd M. McComb