The Red Book

The Red Book
Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
Bartholomew Faire - Stefan Mark Dollak
Astrolabe Records 001 [CD]


  1. O Virgo splendens
  2. Stella splendens
  3. Laudemus Virginem
  4. Sing Together [instrumental]
  5. Polorum regina
  6. Imperayritz de la ciutat joyosa
  7. Splendens ceptigera
  8. Seven Joys [instrumental]
  9. Mariam matrem Virginem
  10. Cuncti simus concanentes
  11. Los set gotxs
  12. The Empress [instrumental]
  13. Ad mortem festinamus

Playing time: 75' 56"

Bartholomew Faire - Stefan Mark Dollak
Stefan Mark Dollak (voice, lute, organistrum, simfony, recorder, pipe & tabor, pipe & string drum, ocarina, cornemuse), Danielle Antoinette Franklin (voice, gothic harp, clarsach, pipe & tambourine), Jim De Fazio (voice, lute, gittern, tabor), Irene Rosenthal (recorders, bowed psaltery), Robin Rio (voice, riqq, daf, bell, tabor), Jeffrey Davey (voice, string drum, tambourine), Valarie Vousden (voice, tambourine), John Vousden (voice, tabor)

Recording site and date:
Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Tempe, AZ [03/2003];
Rel. 2003

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