Nasco: Lamentationes

Nasco: Lamentationes Hieremiae Prophetae & Responsorio Tristis est anima mea
Ensemble Vocale Speculum Musicae - Marina Malavasi
Bongiovanni 5610-2


    Fera V in Coena Domini
  1. Lectio Prima: Incipit lamentatio
  2. Lectio Secunda: Ghimel. Migravit Judas
  3. Lectio Tertia: He. Inimici illius

  4. Fera VI in Passione et Morte Domini
  5. Lectio Prima: De lamentatione Hieremiae prophetae
  6. Lectio Secunda: Caph. Defecerunt prae lachrimis
  7. Lectio Tertia: Samech. Plauserunt super te

  8. Sabbato Sancto
  9. Lectio Prima: De lamentatione Hieremiae prophetae
  10. Lectio Secunda: Ioth. Dabit percutienti
  11. Oratio: Incipit oratio
  12. Responsorio Tristis est anima mea

Performers: Ensemble Vocale Speculum Musicae [Andrea Arrivabene, Paolo Costa, Gianluigi Ghiringhelli (Cantus); Fabio Furnari, Gianclaudio Martin, Stefano Palese (Altus); Michele Da Ros, Marco Scavazza, Diego Ugo (Tenor); Paolo Bassi, Alessandro Pitteri, Walter Testolin (Bassus)].

Playing time: 55:56

Recording date: November 2000

This is the first recording of works by Giovanni Nasco (1500?-1561), who was probably born in Nivelles. The Lamentations and the Responsory were composed around 1560, possibly for the Cathedral at Treviso where Nasco served as maestro da capella from 1547 to his death in 1561. In addition to Lamentations, he wrote several madrigals, masses, motets, Magnificats, and Salve Reginas. The Lamentations were apparently his last sacred pieces, composed very shortly before his death. They are unusual in being largely homophonic and in their use of a single motive on the words "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum" in each set of lections. The recording comes in a double-CD jewel-case and features an 84-page booklet with notes in Italian, English, German, French, and Japanese.

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Christopher Schifani