Bull: harpsichord music

Bull: Pavans and Galliards
Joseph Payne
BIS 729


    Queen Elizabeth's Chromatic Pavan and Galliard
  1. Pavan
  2. Galliard

  3. Fantastic Pavan and Galliard
  4. Pavan
  5. Galliard

  6. Pavan and Galliards "St. Thomas Wake!"
  7. Pavan
  8. Galliard
  9. Galliard
  10. Spanish Pavan
  11. Trumpet Pavan
  12. Prince's Galliard
  13. Italian Galliard
  14. Melancholy Pavan

  15. Quadran Pavan and Galliard, II
  16. Pavan
  17. Galliard

  18. Quadran Pavan and Galliard, III
  19. Pavan
  20. Galliard

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: July 1994

Instrument: Harpsichord, Eric Herz (1993) after anonymous Italian (c.1600); Pythagorean tuning.

This recording consists entirely of Bull's compositions in the Pavan or Galliard form (not complete), including two pieces from his highly elaborate Quadran series.

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