Cantor & Musicus

Cantor & Musicus
La Musique dans les Manuscrits de la bibliothèque Interuniversitaire Médecine de Montpellier - Music in the manuscripts of the bibliothè Interuniversitaire Médecine of Montpellier
Ensemble Gilles Binchois
Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier BIU 7437-1 (ISBN 2-907387-28-6) [CD-ROM]

Content (from the booklet):


A picture of musical practice during the Middle Ages using extracts from 43 manuscripts
Lturgical (missals, gradual ...) but also ancient poetry (Horace, Lucan ...)
Musical extracts
The Tonary (11th century), a chant handbook but also a collection of musical works
A collection of religious and secular songs, one of the most beautiful examples of the beginning of the polyphony: the "Chansonnier" of Montpellier (13th century).

Section I - Original sound recordings

400 commentated folios, 450 zooms, Transcriptions, 30 minutes of sound recording, 250 musicological commentaries.
The songs were specially recorded for the sound illustration of the manuscripts.
Richly decorated illuminated manuscripts.
From the Carlovingian capital letter to the religious scenes of the gothic centuries, to margins filled with birds, animals, or musician monsters: a fantastastic as well as a very realist world.
The sound world of medieval instruments: from the little bell, attribute of the devil, to the King David's harp, from hunting horn to the lute of the angels, a lively and coloured symphony.

Section II - Music through the centuries

200 commentated folios, 300 zooms, Video, 200 iconographic commentaries.
This historical section offers a simplified panorama of the history of music from 4th to the 15th century, placed in its geographical and historical context.

Section III: Tour of the site and Library services

A tour of the Library and the Faculty of Medicine, situated in historic buildings is available from a QuickTime VR, with a portrait gallery of some famous names of the Faculty

Section IV: Hypertext and connections

From the commentaries or the bibliographical records, there are links to other areas of a similar nature
Translations, bibliographical references, glossary.

Ensemble Gilles Binchois (for vocal aspect)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2000 or prior], rel. 2000

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