I Love, Alas

I Love, Alas
Elizabethan Life in Music, Song and Poerty / Elizabethan in Love
The Purcell Consort of Voices - Grayston Burgess, dir.
Belart 461 699-2


    John Dowland
  1. My Lady Rich's Galliard

  2. Sir Philip Sidney
  3. Loved I am and yet complain of Love

  4. Thomas Morley
  5. I love, alas, I love thee

  6. Thomas Weelkes
  7. Lady, your eye my love enforced

  8. Anthony Holborne
  9. The Countess of Pembroke's Paradise

  10. Sir Philip Sidney
  11. O fair, O sweet, when I do look on thee

  12. John Wilbye
  13. Lady, when I behold the roses sprouting

  14. Thomas Weelkes
  15. Sing we at pleasure

  16. Sir Philip Sidney
  17. Always sense thy sweetness gained

  18. Thomas Vautor
  19. Lock up, fair lids

  20. Anon.
  21. Loth to depart

  22. Orlando Gibbons
  23. Ah, dear heart, why do you rise

  24. Sir Philip Sidney
  25. My mistress lours

  26. Thomas Weelkes
  27. My Phyllis bids me pack away

  28. George Kirbye
  29. See, what a maze of error

  30. John Dowland
  31. My Lord Willobie's Welcome Home

  32. Sir Philip Sidney
  33. With two strange fires

  34. John Ward
  35. Hope of my heart

  36. Thomas Vautor
  37. Never did any more delight

  38. Thomas Tompkins
  39. Come, Shepherds, sing with me

  40. Sir Philip Sidney
  41. My lute, within thyself thy tunes enclose

  42. Francis Pilkington
  43. O softly singing lute

  44. Anon.
  45. Sir Philip Sidney's Lamentation

Playing time: 48'42"

Performer: The Purcell Consort of Voices - Grayston Burgess, dir.
[Eileen Poulter (soprano), Susan Longfield (soprano), Grayston Burgess (counter tenor), Ian Partridge (tenor), John Buttrey (tenor), Christopher Keyte (bass), Robert Spencer (lute), Jeremy Brett (reader)

Recording date and site: Unknown [1969 or prior]

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