Christmas Musicke

Christmas Musicke
York Waits - James Merryweather, dir.
Brewhouse Music BHCD9607-2


    Anon., Piae Cantiones, 1582
  1. Personent hodie (2 soprano & alto shawms, saggbut)

  2. Samuel Scheidt
  3. O, Jesulein suss, O, Jesulein Mild (voice, tenor, basset, quint & alto recorders)

  4. Orlando Lassus
  5. Angelus ad Pastores (alto, tenor, 2 bass & quint recorders)

  6. Martin Luther
  7. Vom Himmel hoch (cornett, bass & quint recorders, saggbut, curtal)
  8. Vom Himmel hock (voice, cornett, saggbut, bass & great bass recorders, gedackt bass curtal)

  9. Anon., Piae Cantiones, 1582
  10. Resonet in laudibus (bagpipe)

  11. Anon., 16th Century English
  12. Thys endere nyghth (voice, cornett, saggbut)

  13. Anon., 16th Century English
  14. As I lay on a Night (2 tenor flutes)

  15. Giovanni Ambrosio Dalza
  16. Piva ferrarese (crumhorns)

  17. Anon., Piae Cantiones, 1582
  18. O hac quam mundam (soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders)

  19. Trad., Catalan, arr. Bayley
  20. El noi de la Mare (voice, 2 hurdy-gurdies, recorder 2 cittrns, soprano shawm, bass curtal)

  21. Trad., Catalan, arr. Bayley
  22. El desembre congelat (same instruments as in # 11)

  23. Trad., Basque
  24. Oi bethleem! (French & English bagpipes)
  25. Birjina gaztettobat zegoen (French & English bagpipes)

  26. Trad., Provencal
  27. De matin ai rescoutra lou train (4 tenor flutes, percussion)

  28. Trad., Neapolitan
  29. Quando nascette nimmo (voice, cittern, recorder)

  30. Trad. Bourbonnais
  31. Doux pommier (voice & hurdy-gurdy)

  32. Trad., Besancon
  33. Faisans rejouissance (voice & hurdy-gurdy)

  34. Trad., Normandy
  35. Bergers, j'ai ouy la nouvelle (voice, flutes, lute)

  36. Trad., French
  37. Quelle est cette odeur agreable? (2 Flemish bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy)
  38. Berger, scoule ton sommeil profond! (instruments same as in #20)
  39. Bergers, par les lus doux accords (instruments same as in # 20)

  40. Anon., 16th Century English
  41. Born is the babe (voice, recorder, saggbut, gedackt bass curtal)

  42. Orlando Gibbons
  43. Thus Angles sung (voice, tenor, bass, quint and great bass recorders)

  44. John Playford, 1703
  45. Christmas cheer (flute, cittern, voice, 2 citterns)

  46. John Playford, 1689
  47. The little barley corn (flute, cittern, voice, 2 citterns)

  48. Trad., English
  49. The St day carol (Cornish bagpipe)
  50. I saw three ships come sailing in (Cornish bagpipe)
  51. The Sussx Carol (Cornish bagpipe)
  52. Wassail (Cornish bagpipe)

  53. Trad. Irish
  54. The Wexford carol (voice)

  55. Anon. English, 16th Century
  56. While Shepherds watched their flocks by night (voice, recorders, cornett, saggbut, gedackt bass cutal)

  57. John Playford, 1657
  58. The Waits [London] (cornett, tenor flute, saggbut, tenor, bass & gedackt bass curtals)

  59. Anon., English, 16th Century
  60. The wait's wassail (voice, alto flute, cornett, recorder, saggbut, gedackt bas curtal)

  61. Anon., French, 1589
  62. Ding dong merrily on high (recorders, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, saggbut, bass curtal)

Playing Time: 70'07"

Performer: The York Waites - James Merryweather, dir.
[Deborah Catterall (mezzo-soprano), Anthony Barton (cornett, Flemish & Engish bagpipes, soprano capped shawm, cittern, lute, recorders drums, tambourine), Tim Bayley (soprano shawm, hurdy-gurdy, French bagpipes, alto crumhorn, alto & tenor flutes, recorders), William Marshall (saggbut, tenor flute, Cornish bagpipe, cittern, recorders), James Merryweather (soprano shawm, Flemish bagpipe, bass & gedackt bass curtals, tenor crumhorn, drum), Ian Richardson (soprano shawm, bass curtal, soprano crumhorn, tenor & bass flutes, recorders, hurdy-gurdy), Roger Richardson (alto shawm, tenor curtal, bass crumhorn, tenor flute, recorders)]

Recording site and date: Library of Culford School, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk 12-14 July 1996

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