Medieval Dances and Carols

Medieval Dances and Carols
The Renaissance Chamber Players – Paul Ehrlich, dir.
The Bass Lake Singers – Harold Brown, dir.
Baroque 9006 [LP, mono]
Baroque 9006 [LP, stereo]


  1. Band I
    1. La Septime Estampie Réale

    2. Anon., 13th c., MS Magliabechiano II
    3. Hymnus

    4. Anon.
    5. Saltarello
  2. Band II
      Tielmann Susato, Third Music Book
    1. Schäfertanz

    2. Claude Gervaise, from Pierre Attaignant, Danseries, Book VI
    3. Branle de Champagne I
    4. Branle de Champagne II
  3. Band III
      Anon., ca 1500
    1. Motet: Surrexit Christus

    2. Anon., England
    3. Carol: Nowell Sing We

    4. Fructus del Castillo
    5. Monstra te esse Matrem
  4. Band IV
      Tielmann Susato, Third Music Book
    1. Allemande
      Récoupe (or nachtanz)
    2. Pavane: Si Pas Souffrir
    3. Hoboeckendanz
  5. Band V
    1. Annonciation Carol: Hail Mary, Full of Grace

    2. Smert
    3. Carol: Nowell, Nowell, Dieu vous Garde

  6. Band VI
      Tielmann Susato
    1. Basse-Danse
      Récoupe (or nachtanz)

    2. Claude Gervaise (?), from Pierre Attaignant, Danseries, Book II
    3. Bransle Gai

    4. Claude Gervaise, from Pierre Attaignant, Danseries, Book III
    5. Allemande

    6. Tielmann Susato
    7. Allemande
      Récoupe (or nachtanz)
  7. Band VII
    1. Carol: There Is No Rose

    2. Anon.
    3. Carol: Make We Joy
  8. Band VIII
    1. Carol: Illuminare Jerusamem

    2. Jean Mouton, from Attaignant, Motets, Book II
    3. Motet: Noe, Noe, Psallite Noe
  9. Band IX
      Tielmann Susato
    1. Pavane: Mille Regretz

    2. Anon., from Pierre Attaignant
    3. Basse-Danse: La Scarpa My Faict Mal
    4. Tourdion: Quand Je Bois le Vin Claret

Renaissance Chamber Players
Paul Ehrlich (rebec, Baroque flute, treble viol, recorders), Dean Brown (tenor viol), Valerie Citkowitz (Baroque flute, recorders), Robert Citkowitz (tenor krummhorn, recorders), Peter Ehrlich (alto krummhorn, recorders), James Gollin (recorders), Walt McKibben (bass viol, violone, lute, percussion), Paul Motian (percussion),Robert Mottingdorfer (bass viol), Sally Reichart (recorders), Michael Shapiro (bass krummhorn, recorders), Ralph Zeitlin (cornetto, treble viol, recorderrs)
Paul Ehrlich, dir.
The Bass Lake Singers
Ellen Rosand (soprano), Judith Hyman (soprano), Janet Baxter (soprano), Mary Lou Poska (alto), Phyllis Mason (alto), Lawrence Bennett (tenor), Barry Shor (tenor), Brian McGovern (bass), Eric Schwartz (bass)
Harold Brown, dir.

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Lobby of the Singer Building, 149 Broadway, New York NY. [1964 or prior];
Rel.: 1964

Reviewed in:
HiFi/Stereo Review (June 1965)
The New York Times (Sunday, March 27, 1966)

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