Amor Dolce

Amor Dolce
Musiques & danses du XIVe siècle
Magali Imbert / Adel Shams el-Din
Buda Musique 198 490


  1. Comtesse de Die: A chantar
    Machaut (virelai): Douce dame jolie
  2. Gherardello da Firenze (ballata): I' vivo amando
  3. Machaut (virelai): Loyauté
    Magali Imbert (estampie): Loyauté
  4. Anon (estampie): Isabella
  5. Machaut: Puisque ma dolour
    Magali Imbert (estampie): Puisque ma dolour
  6. Machaut (rondeau): Quant j'ay l'espart
  7. Machaut (virelai): Mors sui
  8. Anon (lauda): Amor dolce
    Magali Imbert (estampie): Amor dolce
  9. Machaut (rondeau): Sans cuer dolens
  10. Anon (ballata): I' senti matutino
  11. Anon (ballata): O chuor del corpo
  12. Tassin? / Magali Imbert (estampie): Chose Tassin

Performers: Magali Imbert (recorders, pipe), Adel Shams el-Din (percussion), Fabrice Villard (recorders, pipe)

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: (none given; no copyright date); issued in US in 2002.

This recording is listed under "world music" in the American catalog. The percussionist is part of the famous Arabic classical "Al Kindi" ensemble.

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Todd M. McComb