Mandolin Music for Medieval Faires

Mandolin Music for Medieval Faires
Aleksandra & Allan Alexander
Bunny Records (no number) [CD]


  1. Cantiga 109
  2. Cantiga 119
  3. A Virgen mui groriosa
  4. Cantiga 249
  5. Por muy gran fremosura
  6. Cantiga 59
  7. Cantar de boda
  8. Cantiga de brisa (Allan Alexander)
  9. Lett never crueltie dishonour bewtie
  10. Douce dame jolie
  11. Bell, belle tres doulce mere Dieu
  12. Laudemus Virginem
  13. Belle qui tiens ma vie
  14. Marium matrum
  15. Cuncti simus
  16. Ivo bene
  17. Dance before dawn (A. Alexander)
  18. Canon (A. Alexander)
  19. Cantiga 424

Playing time: 46' 02"

Aleksandra & Allan Alexander

Recording site and date:
Unknown [ca. 1998];
Rel. ca. 1998

Accompanying book available, with music presented in both music notation and mandolin TAB. Mediocre production values. Full title printed on CD, only "Music for Medieval Faires" on booklet cover. Other similar recordings available at web site. Information from owned CD.

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Jorge Salazar