Elixir d'exil

Elixir d'exil
Belisandre Vocalis
(unlabeled) [CD]


  1. Sirventes

  2. Guillem de Peiteus
  3. Ab la dolçor del temps novel

  4. Arnaut Daniel
  5. Lo ferm voler

  6. Anonym
  7. Chansonetta tedesca

  8. Guiraut de Bornelh
  9. Reis glorios

  10. Trad., sepharad
  11. La rosa enflorece
  12. Morena
  13. Hija mia
  14. Avrix me galanika

Belisandre Vocalis Mandy Brissi (voice), B. Bailly (voice, hurdy-gurdy), B. Caplier (harp, citol, flute), D. Peyrieux (zarb, daf)

Playing time: 33' 06"

Recording site and date:
Nice [05-06/2012];
Rel.: 2013

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Christian Brassy