Hildegard Symphoniae

Hildegard: Symphoniae harmoniae caelestium revelationum
Schola der Benediktinerinnenabtei St. Hildegard - M. Immaculata Ritscher
Bayer 100 116


  1. Antiphona: Cum processit factura
  2. Antiphona: Cum erubuerint infelices
  3. Antiphona: O frondens virgo
  4. Hymnus: Ave, generosa, gloriosa
  5. Sequentia: O virga ac diadema purpurae regis
  6. Antiphona: Caritas abundat
  7. Antiphona: O pastor animarum
  8. Responsorium: O quam pretiosa est
  9. Kyrie
  10. Patriarchae et Prophetae
  11. Castitas
  12. Virtutes
  13. Antiphona ad Magnificat ad Benedictus Hildegardis prophetissa
  14. In I Vesperis Hymnus ex Officio in hon. S. Hildegardis

Playing time: 41'

[7] Valley Entertainment VLEC 15 024 The best of Millenium of Music -Behold and See

Recording date: April 1979; CD produced 1994

This is a classic recording made by Benedictine nuns in an Abbey devoted to St. Hildegard. It is all-vocal and presents a wonderful tone throughout.

Tracks 10-12 are taken from Ordo Virtutum (Play of the Virtues), while tracks 13 & 14 are Gregorian chants dedicated to St. Hildegard.

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Todd M. McComb