Music for Early Instruments

Music for Early Instruments
The Toronto Consort
CBC Radio-Canada broadcast recording SM 229


    Music for Viola da gamba and Harpsichord

    Diego Ortiz
  1. Recercada Tercera (duo)
  2. Cancion: Recercada Segonda Sobre La Misma (duo)

  3. Jacques de Chambonnières
  4. Sarabande and Rondeau (harpsichord solo)

  5. Johann Schenk
  6. Bouré (duo)

  7. Anon., 17th c.
  8. Pieces for Lyra-Viol
    1. Where Helen lies
    2. The Dance of it
    3. New Hilland Laddie
    Antonio de Cabezón
  9. Variations on the Song "La dama le demanda" (harpsichord solo)

  10. François Couperin
  11. La Chemise Blanche (duo)

  12. ----

    Music in the Fifteenth Century Italy

  13. Basse dance: Filles à marier

  14. Heinrich Isaac
  15. Song; Ne piu bella
  16. Song: Fammi una gratia

  17. Anon.
  18. Gridan vostri occhi
  19. Sancta Maria ora pro nobis
  20. Chi ben ama tardi oblia

  21. Heinrich Isaac
  22. Questo mostrarsi
  23. Hora e di Maggio

  24. Guillaume Dufay
  25. Quel fronte signorille

  26. Josquin Desprez
  27. El grillo

Playing time: 40' 57" app.

[1]-[7] Peggie Sampson (viola da gamba), Joyce Redekop-Fink (harpsichord)
[8]-[17] The Toronto Consort
Garry Crichton, David Klausner, Timothy McGee, Frank Nakashima, David Walker

Recording site and date:
Eaton Auditorium, Toronto, Canada [1975 or prior];
Rel.: ca 1975

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