Seventeenth Century Portugal

Sacred Music from Seventeenth Century Portugal
Melgás / Rebelo
The Sixteen - Harry Christophers
Collins Classics 1465
Coro 16020


    João Lourenço Rebelo (1610 - 1661)

  1. Super aspidem (2:47);
  2. Ecce nunc (5:35);
  3. In te, Domine, speravi (4:41);
  4. Qui habitat (5:10);
  5. Fratres sobrii (3:28);
  6. Educes me (2:17);
  7. Diogo Dias Melgás (1638 - 1700)

  8. Popule meus (11:34);
  9. Rebelo

  10. Panis angelicus (4:00);
  11. Melgás

  12. Lamentacao de Quinta Feira Santa (8:27);
  13. Salve regina (4:12);
  14. Rebelo

  15. Magnificat à 13 (15:17).

Performers: Ruth Dean, Carolyn Sampson, Rebecca Outram, Carys Lane, Sally Dunkley, Libby Crabtree, Katie Pringle (Sopranos); Michael Lees, Andrew Giles, Philip Newton, Christopher Royall, Richard Wyn-Roberts (Altos); David Roy, Simon Berridge, Matthew Vine, Neil MacKenzie, Duncan MacKenzie (Tenors); Simon Birchall, Robert Evans, Michael McCarthy, Timothy Jones (Basses); Jeremy West, David Staff, Adrian Woodward (Cornett); Susan Addison, Adrian France, Paul Niemann (Sagbutt); Robin Jeffrey, David Miller (Theorbo); Soibhán Armstrong (Harp); Paul Nicholson (Organ).

Playing time: 67:34

Recording date: February 1996 (St Augustine's Church, Kilburn)

This recording illustrates the spread of polychorality into Portugal during the seventeenth century. Rebelo worked for the Portuguese king after the restoration of the independence in 1640, Melgas was more provincial. Portuguese music of the time was a mix of the old, strictly polyphonic and the new(er), more Baroque and overtly expressive.

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The Sixteen - Harry Christophers
Collins Classics 1407

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