An Early English Christmas Collection

An Early English Christmas Collection
Christus Natus Est - An Early English Christmas
The Sixteen - Harry Christophers
Collins Classics 1492 2 [CD]
Coro 16027 [CD]


  1. Plainchant: Verbum caro
  2. 15th century MS: Salutation Carol
    (solo: Robert Evans)
  3. c.1450 Seldon MS: Nowell sing we, both all and some
    (verse: Carys Lane, Matthew Vine, Neil MacKensie, Simon Birchall)
  4. Piae Cantiones (1582): Gaudete
    (solo: Robert Evans)
  5. c.1420 MS: Hail Mary full of grace
    (verse: Rebecca Outram, David Roy)
  6. John Sheppard: Gloria in excelsis
  7. c.1420 MS: There is no rose
    (verse: Carys Lane, david Roy)
  8. c.1450 Seldon MS: Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep
    (verse: Robert Evans, Timothy Jones, Simon Birchall)
  9. Thomas Ravenscroft: Remember O thou man
    (solo: Carys Lane)
  10. Richard Pygott: Quid petis, O fili?
    (verse: Carys Lane, Sally Dunkley, Neil MacKensie, Simon Birchall)
  11. c.1600 Balle MS (Trinity College, Dublin): Sweet was the song the virgin sang
    (solo: Libby Crabtree)
  12. William Byrd: Lullaby my sweet little babe
  13. c1450 Egerton MS: Ave rex angelorum
    (verse: Andrew Giles, Neil MacKensie, Timothy Jones)
  14. c.1600 Playford MS: Drive the cold winter away
    (solo: Simon Birchall)
  15. c.1500 Ritson MS: Nowell, nowell: The boares head
    (verse: Ruth Dean, Andrew Carwood)
  16. c.1600 Playford MS: The old year now has passed away
    (solo: Robert Evans)
  17. 14th century Dublin Troper MS: Angelus ad virginem
    (solo: David Roy)
  18. c.1500 Ritson MS: Nowell, nowell: Dieu vous garde
    (verse: Sally Dunkley, Matthew Vine)
  19. c.1450 Seldon MS: Make we joy
    (verse: Sally Dunkley, Michael Lees, Neil MacKenzie, Robert Evans
  20. John Sheppard: Verbum caro

Playing time: 72' 03"

Soprano: Ruth Dean, Sally Dunkley, Carys Lane, Rebecca Outram, Katie Pringle, Carolyn Sampson
Alto: Andrew Giles, Michael Lees, Philip Newton, Richard Wyn-Roberts
Tenor: Andrew Carwood, Neil MacKensie, David Roy, Matthew Vine
Bass: Simon Birchall, Robert Evans, Timothy Jones, Michael McCarthy
Giles Lewin (rebec, mediaeval fiddle, renaissance violin), Frances Kelly (mediaeval harp, Gothic harp, drum), Robin Jeffrey (mediaeval lute, guitar, drum), Robin Barda (drum)

Recording site and date:
All Hallows, Gospel Oak, London [05/1996];
Rel. 1996 [Collins], 2004 [Coro]

Information from owned CDs (Collins & Coro). Titles of the two releases are different, both noted above.

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