Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Renaissance Masterpieces Volume IV - Rome
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
The Choir of New College, Oxford - Edward Higginbottom
Collins Classics 1509
CRD 3519


  1. Victimae Paschali à 8 (4:02);
  2. Magnificat à 8 (5:29);
  3. Nunc Dimittis à 8 (3:54);
  4. Dum complerentur à 6 (6:02);
  5. Ad Dominum cum tribularer à 4 (5:01);
  6. Stabat Mater à 8 (9:19);
  7. Alma Redemptoris à 4 (2:44);
  8. Recordare à 3 - à 8 (9:41);
  9. Ad te levavi oculos meos à 4 (6:31);
  10. Veni sancte spiritus à 8 (3:41).

Performers: Joseph Birch, James Diggle, James Dyer, Edmund Finnis, Nicholas Fuggle, John Herford, Orlando Higginbottom, Max Jones, David Mallinson, Peter Mallinson, Joseph Mills, Edward Mitchard, Roderick Morris, Oliver Thomas, Samuel Vance-Law (Trebles); Jonathan Bausor, Rupert Griffin, Matthew Halls, Duncan Saunderson, Stephen Taylor, Philip Veveash (altos); Philip Cave, Ben Hulett, Robert Lewis, Julian Ovenden, Ben Rayfield, Julian Stocker, Daniel Ludford thomas (tenors); Eamonn Dougan, Tom Edwards, Colin Gordon, Alexander Learmonth, Tom Kennedy (basses).

Playing time: 56:25

Recording date: July 1997 (New College Chapel, Oxford)

A collection of motets by Palestrina, some well known, others more rarely recorded and performed. This CD is an attempt to give a portrait of the man as a versatile composer, whose work after his death was made to fit a particular model of appropriate activity in the church of the Counter-Reformation.

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