Victoria - The Call of the Beloved

Victoria - Volume III
The Call of the Beloved
The Sixteen - Harry Christophers
Collins Classics 1521
Coro 16007


  1. Motet Laetatus sum à 12 (6:44);
  2. Mass Laetatus sum à 12

  3. Kyrie (3:29);
  4. Gloria (5:28);
  5. Credo (8:00);
  6. Sanctus (1:28);
  7. Benedictus (1:32);
  8. Agnus Dei (2:02);
  9. Hymns and motets

  10. Hymn Veni Creator Spiritus à 4 (7:02);
  11. Motet Vadam et circuibo civitatem à 6 (8:47);
  12. Motet Vidi speciosam à 6 (7:41);
  13. Hymn Ad caenam Agni providi à 4 (6:55);
  14. Magnificat sexti toni à 12 (8:01).

Performers: Ruth Dean, Carolyn Sampson, Rebecca Outram, Carys Lane, Sally Dunkley, Helen Groves Lisa Beckley, Katie Pringle (Sopranos); Michael Lees, Andrew Giles, Robin Tyson, Angus Davidson, Caroline Trevor, Patrick Craig (Altos); David Roy, Simon Berridge, Matthew Vine, Andrew Carwood, James Gilchrist, Philip Cave (Tenors); Simon Birchall, Robert Evans, Michael McCarthy, Timothy Jones, Francis Steele (Basses); Jeremy West (Cornett); Susan Addison, Adam Wolf, Paul Niemann, Stephen Saunders (Sagbutt); Sally Jackson, Frances Eustace (Dulcian); Laurence Cummings (Organ).

Playing time: 68:33

Recording date: November 1997 (St Judes on the Hill, London)

This recording combines the motet and mass Laetatus sum for triple choir with a magnificat for triple choir. Interspersed with these pieces are two hymns and two motets for smaller forces, showing a more intimate side to Victoria. All pieces were published in the early 1580s, during Victoria's stay in Rome. The triple choir pieces have instrumental doubling for two (the lower) of the choirs.

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