Philip and Mary

Philip and Mary
Music from the Anglo Spanish Court
The Sixteen - Harry Christophers
Collins Classics 1525
Coro 16037


    Pierre de Manchicourt (c.1510 - 1564)

  1. Jubilate Deo (6:19);
  2. John Sheppard (c.1500 - 1558)

  3. Reges Tharsis (5:02);
  4. Manchicourt

  5. Reges terrae (6:17);
  6. Thomas Tallis (c.1505 - 1585)

  7. Suscipe quaeso (9:50);
  8. Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599)

  9. Ave virgo sanctissima (4:43);
  10. Ave Maria (4:26);
  11. Pastores loquebantur (6:16);
  12. Tallis: Mass Puer Natus

  13. Gloria (11:04);
  14. Sanctus (4:46);
  15. Benedictus (3:40);
  16. Agnus Dei (8:57);
  17. Sheppard

  18. Libera nos (3:36);

Playing time: 75:03

Recording date and location: 21-23/1/1998 (St Judes on the Hill, Hampstead, London)

The Sixteen: Soprano Ruth Dean, Sally Dunkley, Carys Lane, Carolyn Sampson, Rebecca Outram, Helen Groves; Alto Christopher Royall, Michael Lees, Andrew Giles, Robin Tyson; Tenor David Roy, Neil MacKenzie, Andrew Carwood, Nicholas Robertson; Bass Simon Birchall, Robert Evans, Timothy Jones, Francis Steele.

A hypothetical reconstruction of the music performed on Christmas Day 1554, when it was thought Queen Mary might be pregnant and produce a Tudor heir. The Chapel Royal was joined by Philip II's Capilla Flamenca. Composers present or represented include some of the best known names of the time. While no record survives, all the music presented can plausibly be projected as having been performed.

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